HotSpot Titanium for the workplace

HotSpot Titanium’s professional range is a must-have for every workplace! filtered boiling water at your sink and in an instant. The HotSpot Titanium appliance switches easily between cold, hot and filtered boiling water.

Time saving, easy to use, safe, compact and durable, HotSpot Titanium will add convenience for everybody at the office – particularly those tea drinkers that demand 100 Degrees C. HotSpot Titanium is manufactured in The Netherlands and we trust in our quality Design, Workmanship & Materials. HotSpot Titanium offers users a 5 year warranty (after registration) and a 20 year warranty on leakage on the titanium tank – very pleasing for the facility manager we think!

A range of different tapware is available combined with an 8 or 4 litre base-unit which fits any under-sink base unit.

To find out more about product performance including e.g. re-heat times and/or if you are interested in a HotSpot Titanium for your workplace: please contact us through our contact form or call us on +44 (0)20 3192 1428.