Safest Child Protection System

Despite growing in popularity, there are still misconceptions surrounding instant hot water systems – and questions about safety being amongst the most frequently asked. With boiling water available at the push of a button, this is perhaps no surprise.

Unique safety system: IntelliProtect®
Most boiling water taps come with a variety of safety features. This is true in the case of our 3-in-1 HotSpot Titanium, which has a unique safety system, IntelliProtect, offering three safety levels to choose from depending on your requirement. Our IntelliProtect® levels are easily adjustable via a selection button on the front of the tank, while LED lights clearly indicate which function has been activated. 

Pan-fill Safety function
Also unique to the Hotspot is the safety conscious pan-filling function. Once this function is activated, the boiling water keeps flowing continuously as long as the push button on the tap is held down for 10 seconds. One push on the button and the water will stop flowing immediately.

In addition, the safety levels on the HotSpot and the pan-filling function are all easily adjustable via a selection button on the front of the tank under the sink. What’s more, the LED lights on the tank clearly indicate which function has been activated.

Cool Touch Safety function 
The HotSpot Titanium 3-in-1 taps are all heavily insulated. This means that the spout on the tap will always remain cool to the touch. A very important safety benefit for you and your family.

Minimal steam and smooth flow
Because boiling water remains in the tank at around 5 degrees above boiling point, water from the HotSpot comes out exactly at boiling point of 100 degrees (unlike many other models).  As a result, you can expect minimal steam and smooth flow when using our filtered boiling water appliance.  Yet another reason why we are confident that the HotSpot Titanium is the safest boiling water appliance currently available.