Pure Water Quality

Most people may have experienced the stone white scale developing at the bottom of their kettle. Depending what area of the UK you’re from will dictate the water hardness you experience, and this hard water has an inherent effect on limescale build-up within a kettle. It is no different for instant boiling water taps. Limescale attaches itself to the element and can narrow pipework and tubing, thus reducing heating efficiency and water flow.

The HotSpot Titanium Water filter is designed to ensure that only purified water enters the titanium heater. The 5-step filtration system incorporates double activated carbon filtration for quality assurance. In combination with the high-performance ion exchanger, this means that the water will taste better and the heater will be fully protected from any limescale build up.

Benefits of a filtered boiling water tap are:

Limescale is proven to be unhygienic, therefore filters aim to filtrate particles such as rust and even bacteria, to provide clear and safe drinking water. 

Limescale formation can slow down water flow and operation of the pipes, ultimately reducing efficiency and life span of the machine. Filters protect appliance components such as element and vessel, ensuring satisfying brews for many years to come.

Better taste 
What is equally important is a quality tasting drink. Chlorine, for example, is one compound found in water that can affect taste. Filters can help to remove compounds like these that we would otherwise consume.

Localised filters are so easy to change. Ten seconds is the average time it takes to change a HotSpot Titanium filter, as unlike others it doesn’t need to be flushed through first.

The 3-in-1 HotSpot Titanium has been designed to reduce the amount of calcium and limescale build-up due to its titanium features. Notably titanium does not corrode and scale doesn’t attach to it like it does other most commonly used materials.