Product features

The HotSpot Titanium boiling water tap guarantees safety, convenience and luxury in your kitchen. All our taps provide instant filtered boiling water controlled by the unique ‘IntelliProtect’ activation button. The tap is available in a range of beautiful Italian designs to ensure they match every style of kitchen furniture.

Safety of the HotSpot Titanium

  1. Filtered boiling water from the tap is highly convenient but must be safe to use, especially in homes with young children. That’s why the HotSpot Titanium is equipped with a unique and patented safety system, the 'IntelliProtect'. An easy-to-operate button allows you to select from three safety levels.
  2. Besides that, the HotSpot has also a very safe pan fil option. If this is selected, the indicator light steadily lits after 10 seconds to indicate that the water will run when the button is released. The water stops flowing immediately if the push button is pressed again.
  3. The taps are all developed with ‘cold touch’ technology. The tap housing and the outlet will maintain a low temperature, even if you tap water for a longer time.
  4. Last but not least, the filtered boiling water has a smooth flow, with minimal steam and no spluttering for not burning your hands or arms.

Do you want to know more about the safety of the HotSpot Titanium. Read our blog.


Instant filtered boiling water. How cool is that? With the HotSpot Titanium, you always have the right amount of filtered boiling water instantly, whether you’re filling a cup for tea or a large pan for spaghetti. Your newest best friend in the kitchen switches between cold, hot and filtered boiling water in no time.

Sustainability with titanium

The HotSpot Titanium is designed for low maintenance and makes corrosion a thing of the past. The heater is namely equipped with a pure titanium water storage tank, which ensures that there is non-corrosive and no 'after taste'.  The pure titanium tank is fully recyclable.