Manufactured to last

The modern kitchen is designed to make a statement, and our design team very much has this in mind when creating our instant boiling water tap. Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, we’re proud of the ethos of both style and substance that goes into our products.

Easily switch between cold, hot and boiling water. A must-have for fans of elegance, convenience and durability. Available in multiple designs, and finishes, for your personal style.

Here are just some of the ways the HotSpot Titanium team has achieved ultimate elegance, manufactured to last:  

The perfect match
A considerable amount of thought went into the design of our HotSpot Titanium 3-in-1 system. We offer a range of both C-spout and U-spouts to complement every kitchen style.

Elegance at its best
With three types of finishes, including polished chrome, stainless steel and our new matt-black finish, our taps will make a perfect addition to your kitchen worktop.

Space-saving solution
Complete with a compact heater unit, you can save valuable cupboard space with the HotSpot Titanium under bench unit, helping to keep plumbing out of sight too.

Streamline your worktop
The 3-in-1 filtered boiling water tap means you only have one spout in your kitchen that looks after everything. One fixed instant appliance is ideal for achieving the streamlined kitchen of your dreams.

So, if you’re looking for a stylish, sophisticated addition to your kitchen that the everyone will appreciate, look no further.