Instantly filtered boiling water

There are many elements to making a good cup of tea, but one of these is undoubtedly the temperature of the water.

When you invest in a boiling water tap for your home, you want just that: instant hot water that is ready for your needs, and we’re proud that our system offers just that.Because boiling water remains in the tank at around 5 degrees above boiling point, water from the HotSpot comes out exactly at boiling point of 100 degrees, unlike many other models, which see the water cool as it travels through the system, removing the ‘boiling’ from ‘instant boiling water’.

As a result, you can expect minimal steam and smooth flow when using our filtered boiling water appliance, as well as boiling water that is truly instant.The fact that water comes out filtered means that even those in hard water areas can rest assured that their beverage comes out purified, enhancing the quality and the flavour.

Gone are the days of waiting for the kettle to boil, and instead tea and coffee drinkers can look forward to a swift experience: with 90% of the adult British population estimated to drink tea or coffee on a daily basis, it’s important to get this right!