Water filter set (incl. cartridge)

The HotSpot Titanium Water filter is designed to ensure that only purified water enters the titanium heater. The 5-step filtration system incorporates doubleactivated carbon filtration for quality assurance. In combination with the high-performance ion exchanger, this means that the water will taste better and the heater will be fully protected from any limescale build up. In addition, the Aqua stop facility built in to the filter head allows for easy replacement of the cartridge.*

To establish the filter for the HotSpot Titanium we have worked together with BWT. BWT is the European number one in the field of water technology. Using the filter ensures you of:

  • Extra pure water
  • Less gypsum deposits
  • Fresh taste

The capacity is 1800 liters (12 d°TH). Experience shows that the lifetime with a 4 liter boiler (only with boiling water use), is about one year. And that the lifetime with an 8 liter boiler (with hot or boiling water) is about 6 months. Naturally, all of this also depends on the family structure. 

* Please note: Cartridge performance is dependent upon usage and water hardness in your area