Innovation meets design in the HotSpot Titanium.

The 3-in-1 boiling water appliance system.
A must have for fans of luxury, convenience and durability in the kitchen or office. New in our range: matt black taps.

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The HotSpot Titanium

The HotSpot Titanium is the boiling water tap of its time. It is the safest and most durable in its class! The HotSpot Titanium has a unique, patented safety system and produces no steam during use, making this boiling water tap super safe. The entirely new titanium water heater is extremely strong and easy to maintain, has a longer life and provides pure drinking water. And because you always tap the exact amount of water that you need, you waste much less water and energy.

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The safest boiling water tap

The HotSpot Titanium is the safest boiling water tap. It is equipped with a unique and patented safety system: Intelliprotect®. With an easy-to-use button, you select one of the three safety levels. 

What makes the HotSpot Titanium so safe?

Which HotSpot Titanium is right for you?

Needed tap


Do you want cold, hot & boiling water from 1 tap or only boiling water?

The 3-in-1 tap is, of course, very handy, but if you would rather combine your current mixer tap with a boiling water tap, that’s also possible. Both taps have the handy pot-filling function and our unique safety system: Intelliprotect®.

Type tap

Needed heater


The HotSpot Titanium is available with a 4-litre or an 8-litre water heater.

The type of water heater depends on your family situation and its use of warm water. If you have only a cold water connection, then we advise you to use the 8-litre water heater.


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